Tiki Twister
A double shot of rum and strawberry liqueur with fresh lime, cinnamon and ginger beer. This cocktail is like a hurricane in your glass! 6.80


Orange and Passion Fruit Daiquiri
A double rum, fresh orange, passion fruit and lime juice make this Hawaiian delight! 6.50


Watermelon Head
Double vodka, fresh watermelon and cranberry juice mixed with passion fruit syrup.  Don’t lose your head! 6.50


A vodka double, strawberry liqueur with fresh  oranges and strawberries, cranberry juice and a top up of lemonade. Paradise in a glass! 6.50


Kapu Bramble
Gin and fresh lime paired with a shot Chambord  - just ask at the bar for flavours to create your very own Bramble! 6.50


Tiki Tonic
Gin, tonic and passion fruit liqueur to add that tiki twist! 6.80

Raspberry Fizz
Chambord, a drop of lime, a drizzle of gomme and topped with sparkling wine combine to make this sweet fizz. 6.50

Bacardi Carta Blanca and Carta Negra with
lime juice, grenadine, pineapple juice, and a
flaming lime. Strong enough to
wake the dead!


Strawberry and Vanilla Daiquiri
Bacardi Carta Oro, vanilla syrup and fresh strawberries shaken
with lime to create Kapu's best seller!


White Chocolate Martini
Vanilla vodka, creme de cacao shaken with milk.   
Tastes like chocolate heaven!



All Kapu Eclusives are 2 for 1 - Mon to Sat. - (Times vary)
*Offer applies to 2 of the
same cocktail, so bring a friend to the bar if you want to swop drinks!

Offer not available on major city
event or sporting days.